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About us

Our company, Perfekt-Tender Ltd. provides complex public procurement consulting and other procurement related services. The company was established three years ago by seasoned professionals, including our managing director who has 12 years of experience in the area. We have managed over a hundred successful procedures and/or acted in them as independent consultants.

Our in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of the legal regulations and the latest practices as well as the professional attitude of our highly-trained experts offer a valuable contribution to the success of our clients.

  • 125 successfully conducted procedures
  • 135 billion HUF per public procurement tenders
  • 120 billion HUF allocated
  • 38 satisfied customers


Perfekt-Tender Ltd. conducts public procurement procedures and provides independent quality assurance services for tenders. The company helps tender issuers as well as bidders in the professional and legal implementation of their projects.

Having a precise knowledge of procedural rules and the related regulations, our associates can offer full-scale public procurement consulting services for our clients.

We are proud of our achievements

in the following areas:

building construction, refurbishment, reconstruction

building and facility management

accessibility projects

asset and goods acquisition

real estate administration

vehicle and fleet management

security services

IT infrastructure and services


medical and rehabilitation area



communication, PR, publicity

event organization

graphic design



Our references cover the entire area of Hungary. Our client base features municipalities, state administration institutions as well as enterprises realizing EU projects with mandatory public procurement tendering. We have provided public procurement services for churches several times.

Key Projects

  • Continuous public procurement consulting services for Budapest Labour Market Intervention Centre, later known as “István Türr” Training and Research Institute, since 2011
  • Public procurement consulting services for the National Directorate General for Disaster Management of Hungary in 2010, on a case-by-case basis, in the following areas:
    construction projects in relation with the Red Sludge disaster
    acquisition of goods, furniture, kitchen appliances in relation with the Red Sludge disaster
    procurement of technical inspection services
    installation and operation of storm-signalling systems
    procurement of vehicle maintenance services
  • Continuous public procurement consulting services for the National Institute of Rehabilitation and Social Expertise and the Office of National Rehabilitation and Social Issues, primarily for the public procurement procedures of TIOP (Social Infrastructure Operational Programme)-TÁMOP (Social Renewal Operational Programme) -KMOP (Central Hungary Operational Programme) projects; implementation of the Institute’s public procurement procedures since 2010.
    real estate purchases in seven regional centres of Hungary
    implementation of regional centres, construction projects
    procurement of communication, distribution and printing services
    procurement of event organization activities
    IT system design and implementation
    IT quality assurance
    procurement of medical appliances and rehabilitation capability assessment tools
    procurement of medical specialist training and education services
    technical planning services
    graphic design, printing
    vehicle procurement
    vehicle maintenance services
    cleaning services
    procurement of security guard and reception services
    facility management, maintenance services
    procurement of construction projects
    procurement of food vouchers and Internet vouchers
    procurement of auditing services
    procurement of communication, publicity, PR and media services
  • Implementation of public procurement procedures for the construction projects related to the monument buildings of Budapest Spas and Thermal Baths Co. between 2000 and 2007.
    Széchényi Health Spa (Monument reconstruction Phases I-II)
    Saint Lucas Health Spa (Monument reconstruction Phases I-II)
    Saint Gellért Health Spa (Monument reconstruction Phases I-II)
    Rudas Health Spa (Monument reconstruction Phase I)
    Palatinus Lido (Reconstruction)
    Minor refurbishments, accessibility projects, façade reconstructions of other lidos and health spas; other procurements
  • Full-scale public procurement consulting services for the public procurement projects conducted by the Fund Management Directorate of the Ministry of Education and Culture between 2007 and 2010.
    procurement of cleaning services
    procurement of real estate leasing services
    procurement of communication services
    procurement of event organization activities
    procurement of monitoring, preliminary assessment and tender evaluation expert services
    procurement of food vouchers
    centralized procurements
    other institutional procurement projects
    general consulting on institutional procurement projects
    professional quality assurance services and controlling services for the tendering processes of the Winners of the tenders conducted by Fund Management Directorate of the Ministry of Education and Culture.

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